Mark Lewis

Mark Lewis
“Freemasonry will make you a better person, it will teach you to be more tolerant, listen to people more, is a journey of self-confidence and self-development.”
"I’m proud of being part of a brotherhood, with all the companionship that brings, and also part of a great family with good values and morals.”

For 34 years Mark has been part of the Freemasons Victoria, and he looks forward to spending many more years with this stately organisation. When he joined Freemasonry he not only found a new family with decent values, he found a brotherhood that treated everyone as equals. For Mark, an Orthodox Jew, being part of a community where stigmas don’t exist, where people respect and accept you for who you are, this was invaluable and something he has cherished ever since he became a member.

In Mark’s eye Freemasonry is more than just a fraternal society, it is a family, a brotherhood, a fellowship of good men working together and supporting each other. He wants people to understand that charity plays a big role in Freemasonry, and that members work hard for the good of the community.

Mark’s advice to prospective members is that Freemasons Victoria is the very best organisation that one could be a part of, an organisation where everyone is equal. In short he suggests that if you are interested: “definitely join. Now!”