Maike Shellie

Maike Shellie
“I love the opportunity to meet new people, being part of social and charity activities, and I love dressing up! For women who are more introverted, it is a very safe way of meeting new people and developing new social skills and networks.”
“Without the help of the ladies, all the Charity work wouldn’t be as successful as it is!”

There are a lot of fantastic charitable deeds that are spearheaded by some of the great men in Freemasons Victoria, but what you may not hear about as much, despite their importance, is the supporting cast of women backing them up. Maike Shellie is very proud of the assistance she offers her husband in his role as a Freemason as well as the Chair of the Social Committee for Seavic Lodge, and makes up just one small part of Freemasonry’s ‘best kept secret’.

Maike and many other women like her are constantly involved in organising social and charity activities – as such they are never alone and always have compatriots to lend a hand. “It’s a real team effort,” Maike explains, “and it’s very satisfying to work with like-minded and passionate people”. The sheer level of hard work they display is astounding, and in almost every social and charitable Masonic event you can see evidence of their support.

Maike particularly enjoys the feeling of ‘camaraderie with her fellow women’, and many of the events hosted by Seavic Lodge, such as ‘Ladies Night’ which occurs prior to every Lodge dinner, have given her the opportunity to meet new people of all ages and from all walks of life. Maike believes this continuing focus on the social aspect of Masonic life is one of the big reasons why most Freemasons remain active within the organisation for years, and often, decades.