Freemasons Supporting Drought Assistance in Gippsland East

Local Freemasons in Gippsland East have actively been involved with Lions’ Need for Feed on recent convoys to provide fodder and support to the devastated farming communities due to the disastrous drought that has been manifesting for over two years.

At the quarterly Freemasons’ meeting, Freemasons Foundation Victoria generously donated $50,000 to Need for Feed who will support farmers and their families in dire need.

Speaking at the meeting, Need for Feed founder Graham Cockerell said “Back in 2006 when we started, we were in the height of the millennium drought, which was then the driest year on record in Australia and reportedly three farmers per week were taking their own lives.

The current drought is now rivaling that period in Australia’s history.”

“Dams are almost drained, and paddocks are baron moonscapes as there is little to no feed for all the livestock” said Grand Master of Freemasons Victoria, Keith Murray.

This agency will use the funds to provide emergency fodder and manage its delivery to the farmers in the Gippsland East region. “Coming up someone’s drive-way with a load of hay, some hampers and care packs allows the farmers to know that there are people out there that care for them,” said Mr Cockerell.

In December 2006, Mr Cockerell, donated and delivered one truck load of hay which was distributed by Cowwar Toongabbie Lions Club to farmers in need. Soon after, he returned to his home determined to round up others to help make a difference, and so Need for Feed was founded.