Liam Cole

Liam Cole
“Freemasons Victoria has given me opportunities to meet wonderful people that I simply would not have had the opportunity to meet if I did not join.”
“I enjoyed the fact that my family was made a part of the Lodge prior to my initiation. There were regular catch-ups in a social setting to give us the opportunity to ask members of the Lodge any questions we may have had, and after my initiation my family were made to feel very welcomed.”

Liam Cole’s Masonic journey officially began in 2011 when he joined his local Lodge in Traralgon, but his fascination with the society developed much earlier. When his family attended the Bendigo Easter Fair, they saw the Lodge marching in the parade, and Liam took an information pamphlet. He was intrigued by what he read, and by the ideas and principles behind the organisation. He had felt that something was missing from his life ever since he had given up his youthful endeavour of being involved with the Scouts, but found that his time was currently being taken up by work commitments and with the responsibilities of looking after his family. Freemasonry appealed to him, however, as it would fit in with his busy schedule. The added bonus was how quickly both he and his family felt welcomed to the Fraternity.

Now an active and passionate Freemason, Liam understands the importance of the Craft’s teachings in being true to your values and morals. “I am associating with like-minded people,” Liam explains, “not in an elitist way, but because we appreciate the value of honesty and respect.” Freemasonry has also given Liam more self confidence in his everyday life, particularly with speaking in front of large groups of industry peers. “When I joined I was nervous when giving a toast, and much worse in any professional situation,” Liam says, “but now I have presented at state conferences, local events and am far less nervous talking in front of management and industry leaders.” Liam is also proud of the large fundraisers he has run with his wife and of the projects he has taken part, bringing much needed aid to the community at large.

Ultimately, Liam would like people to understand that Freemasonry is not a ‘scheming, secret society’, and is keen to see some of this misplaced stigma break down further than it already has, in large part due to the ever increasing openness of the organisation.