Len D’Agostino

Len D’Agostino
“It is about good men becoming greater men and it doesn’t discriminate, that is what I love about it.”
“In times of strife, I know there will always be someone there to lean on.”

Len D’Agostino dreams of living in a world surrounded by like-minded men that share his community-minded aspirations, and being part of Freemasonry allows him to realise that dream. “It was one thing to join the Freemasons,” Len says, “but it was another to be welcomed into a fraternity of men who I consider brothers.” In a society that was founded upon the principles of ‘Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth’, Len felt right at home, and during his time with the organisation he has had the opportunity to meet a wide variety of remarkable individuals and become a valued member of the community by engaging in social gatherings and charitable events.

Aside from the benevolent works, for Len being a Freemason is primarily about self-development. “It is about putting your values into practice,” Len explains, “and becoming the best version of yourself.”

Since joining, Len has established a great sense of security and satisfaction within the organisation. He accepts that hardships are a natural part of life, but takes comfort in the fact that he belongs to a group of men who all support one another in times of need.

For anyone considering joining Freemasonry, Len advises them to do their own research and come in with the right expectations, and above all he encourages them to talk to a member and ask any questions they might want to know the answers to. In true Masonic fashion, Len proudly volunteers himself for that task.