Keith Murray

Keith Murray
“I'm a fourth generation Freemason, and I could see the positive effect Freemasonry had on people in their relationships and in their values: ethics, integrity, honour.”
“Many institutions have involved Freemasons in their formative years, and our teachings have influenced those organisations to have robust and ethical standards and to be accountable. I'm proud to see Freemasonry benefit so many others.”

When Keith Murray moved from Scotland to Australia he had few acquaintances, but as a member of Freemasonry he knew he had little to worry about. “Being a member of the organisation gave me the ability to understand all sorts of different aspects of Australian life,” Keith explains, “it also gave me Brethren I could trust, and provided me with a great deal of confidence and support to build a new career here.”

A chartered surveyor and licensed estate agent since 1986, specialising in commercial property, Keith worked in Glasgow and Edinburgh before moving to Melbourne around twenty years ago where he now primarily deals with shopping centres and retail development. He insists that he gained many valuable skills from his association with the craft: “certainly dispute resolution and public speaking,” Keith states, “but also understanding the different backgrounds of people, their culture and pressure points and positives to use in negotiations. Essentially my work is about building relationships with clients and people, and Freemasonry allowed me to relate to people better, and thus gain their trust.”

Formerly of the Lodge of Peter St James in Scotland Keith is currently enjoying his time at Seavic and Amalthea in Victoria, and appreciates the ability to extend the benefits of Freemasonry to his wife of 25 years. “We've been able to travel around with Freemasonry to India, the Philippines, Malaysia and Sri Lanka”, Keith explains, “and my wife has formed some great friendships along the way!”