Katherine Douros

Katherine Douros
“We completely support one another, and Freemasonry is changing to involve more women and their families. I’ve always felt welcomed.”
“We are one big family and we all look after each other.”

Freemasonry has been in Katherine’s life for almost two decades. Her partner, Charles, has been a Freemason for 20 years, and she currently serves as the Social Secretary for the Civic Lodge. In her role, Katherine looks after the ladies, empowering them to create a space where they can meet other like-minded women and socialise.

Katherine understands that women want to be more involved, and she herself is keen to do things a little differently; that’s why once a month, when the Freemasons meet at the Lodge, she organises popular activities for the partners and guests such as belly dancing lessons, fashion parades, chocolate tasting, skincare seminars, jewellery showcases and self-defence classes.

The people she has met, and the friendships she has made, are what makes Freemasonry so special for Katherine. She loves the social catch-ups on the weekends and going on holidays with other couples in particular. She is even starting a business with contacts she has met through Freemasonry.

“I’m truly a believer that Freemasons helps the individual better himself, no doubt in my mind.”

After years of exposing her son Paul Tzamalis to Freemason's Victoria, he also decided to join. His induction brought great pride to the Douros/Charalambous family, and a dream of theirs to see him join. Katherine is overjoyed to share this with her entire family.

The friendships it has brought into their lives are second to none. There is a common bond between the men, women, and families that bring them all together with like-minded people. The people you meet and connect with are wonderful women, and men. The fun and laughter is something you cannot quantify.

“Friendships make this organisation what it is.”

The charity work that the organisation is a part of is incredible. There is a lot of help to people who are in need. Freemason's Victoria does real work in helping people in need.

“We can go anywhere in the world, and Freemasons will welcome you, and you immediately belong.”

On a more personal front, Freemasonry has helped her family in a time of great need. When her husband lost a kidney and had to have an operation, the Freemasons were very supportive in any way they could be, something she continues to appreciate to this day. All in all, Freemasonry has changed Katherine’s life; it has taught her that no matter where we come from, or what age we are, we are ‘all fundamentally the same’, and that ‘we can all be caring and loving people’.