Kali Power

Kali Power
“Andrew’s involvement in freemasonry has had a wonderful flow-on-effect to me and my children.”
“It is fantastic to be surrounded by extremely like-minded, independent and empowered women.”

Kali Power, partner of Freemasons Victoria Membership Manager Andrew Power, admits to having seen many important and promising changes in both her husband and herself since he joined the Freemasons. “He’s always been a brilliant person,” Kali explained, “but Freemasonry ignited a spark in Andrew that I have never seen before.” Kali speaks candidly about her experience as a woman associated with a male-dominated organisation, and only has positive things to share about the society.

Kali is passionate and enthusiastic on the topic of family and community. She acknowledges that she has always been interested in giving back, and it was Freemasonry that finally encouraged her and her family to take action. Kali now involves herself in many charitable works and events including volunteering at an animal rescue centre, where she assists in re-homing sick and abandoned animals. Through her involvement with Freemasonry Kali has also had the opportunity to meet a diverse group of inspirational women from the wider community through the multitude of social gatherings organised for the partners of Freemasons Victoria members.

While she may not be an official member, Kali, and many of the other partners, understand that they still play a key role in Masonic society. “We are supporting good men to do great things,” Kali says, “and this has a positive impact on our families, and our community. It is a wonderful thing”.