Jewels of the Goulburn Valley

  • April 2019
  • Goulburn Valley St George Lodge No.73

WBro. Albert Kellock and WBro. Bruce Pederick were presented with their 65 and 60 year service jewels respectively. Both Brethren are members of the Goulburn Valley St George Lodge No.73 which meets in Shepparton.

RWBro. Geoffrey Thompson PDGM and District Co-Ordinator made the presentation and obviously had much pleasure in doing so as he has known both Brothers during most of their Masonic Careers.

RWBro. Geoffrey listed the many Masonic, business and community milestones that had been part of their lives whilst involved in Freemasonry.

Both WBro. Albert and WBro. Bruce were joined by members of their families, several of whom later expressed their pleasure of being able to be a part of the evening.

RWBro.Geoffrey Thompson, WBro. Albert Kellock, WBro. Bruce Pederick and his son WBro. David Pederick.