Ian Buckingham

Ian Buckingham
“Freemasonry is a great organisation and I've made a huge amount of friends that will last a lifetime.”
“The Freemasons gave me contacts and access to a lot of people I wouldn't have otherwise met. It has provided me with a number of opportunities to use my skillset beyond my chosen profession.”

Ian Buckingham is a man that comes from strong Masonic stock. Not only were his father, grandfather and uncle all Freemasons, his father-in-law happened to be a member as well. However, it was a friend that first suggested he join up, believing that he would be just the type to thrive in an environment that celebrates robust ethics, an enthusiastic attitude, and a cheerful demeanour.

Ian started with the Duke of Richmond Lodge, and held many officer positions there before becoming Master of the Lodge. In 2007 he was approached to join the Board of Royal Freemasons, which led to his election as the Chairman just a few years later. In this position, primarily in the field of Aged Care, he felt he was able to give back to the community – an act which he believes is entrenched in the very core of Masonic values. His position on the Board recently came to an end; however he is soon set to take up another mantle as the Chair of the Committee for Masonic Knowledge.

In his business life, Ian worked as a geologist, and then later as an investment banker and stock analyst, before finally transitioning to consultancy for the past few decades. His speciality is valuing mining assets and his client base is broad, ranging from Australia to various countries in Asia such as China and Singapore. Due to the nature of his job, he often works solo and thus greatly appreciates the opportunities Freemasonry has provided him to mingle with a range of different and very interesting people from all walks of life.