Helen Buckingham

Helen Buckingham
“…promotes brotherly love, philanthropy, community and great friendships.”
“Freemasons Victoria is progressing in a positive direction.”

Helen Buckingham’s husband, Ian has been a part of Freemasonry for over 18 years. Helen proudly supports Ian’s choice of being part of Freemasons Victoria as it brings him enjoyment of being part of a respected and globally recognised organisation, that promotes brotherly love, philanthropy, community and great friendships. Helen praises the philanthropic work that Freemasons Victoria does for the community.

Helen supports Ian’s ongoing involvement in Freemasonry by attending social functions with him, which she enjoys very much. She also likes the fact that you can choose your level of involvement and contribute in a manner most appropriate to her ability and skills.

Helen believes Freemasons Victoria is progressing in a positive direction. Its message is relevant and building on the brand of Today’s Man. Recent employment of a female CEO and embracing efficient and effective processes in IT and marketing communications is enabling better member experience and progressively developing Freemasonry in Victoria. Change is inevitable, and she thinks it will only help strengthen and grow Freemasons Victoria by bringing members to the organisation.