Graham Berry

Graham Berry
“I wear the Freemason pin proudly on my jacket. It is a great organisation and I’m glad I’m a part of it."
"When I arrived here from Scotland I didn’t really know anyone, so it was a fantastic way to meet new people.”

Graham Berry is yet another example of the wealth of worldwide experience you can find within Freemasons Victoria. Born in Scotland, he first joined the organisation at the Lodge of St John (Kilwinning) Largs No 173 before moving to Australia in 1989 with his wife, Laura. Graham continued his Masonic journey Down Under at Bacchus Marsh 718 and is now a member of Geelong Lodge of Unity and Providence No 5, and remains enthusiastic to this day about everything the fraternity has to offer.

Graham feels that many would benefit from what can be learnt as a member of the Craft, just as he has, “I developed public speaking skills, it broadened my horizons, and of course there’s the social side as well,” he explains, noting he was able to “build bonds, socialise, and engage in camaraderie” from the outset. Looking back on his 35 years as a member, Graham is also able to reflect on how his experience with the organisation has changed over the years. “When I was younger I learned many things, such as trust, confidence and values,” he states, “but now that I am older I focus on different things such as the history and the ceremonial aspects.”

Graham’s advice for any prospective members is to first and foremost keep an open mind. “People might like different things,” he says, “the social side, the charitable side, the ceremonial side, and of course we offer a wide variety of all three”. He suggests trying them all, and then deciding which one suits your interests and schedule. The beauty of Freemasonry, he suggests, is how adaptable it is to each individual’s preferences and circumstances.