Gift from a Brother to FMV

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I have always been amazed at how old items just seem to travel the earth and find their way into our homes. Such is the case with the Tie Pin/FOB Pendant I was gifted some time ago. Who would have thought that such an item dated around 1900 would find its way to me knowing that the Grand Lodge of Victoria was established only 13 years before the pin was made. So who made it? I guess we will never know and it will forever remain a mystery.

The fact that it was actually made in Melbourne and can be traced to the early days of Freemasonry in Victoria is what I love most about this piece. How did it end up living with me?

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I'm lucky in that the women in my family are strong supporters of Freemasonry. When I became an Entered Apprentice, my sister Kathy decided she'd like to purchase a Masonic related gift for me to suit the occasion. She came across the pin in an antique store in South Yarra and gifted it to me when I became a Master Mason. It was a lovely gesture and surprise. I've had it tucked away for many years, and now I believe it is the right time for it to go to a new home, and what a better home than the Freemasons Victoria Library and Museum.

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WBro. Emmanuel Barakis and Samantha Fabry