Freemasons Victoria Raise Vital Funds for Northern Health

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On Saturday 7 October, Freemasons Victoria supporting lodges; Lodge of the Golden Fleece, St. Mark Lodge and the Victorian Naval and Military Lodge hosted a New York, New York themed fundraising dinner raising over $110k in support of the Northern Health Foundation Accommodation Appeal.

The Freemasons Foundation has pledged to make a contribution to the funds raised from this event. This will allow the Northern Health Foundation to purchase a second patient accommodation house, branded as the Freemasons Victoria house.

Over 1,000 patients travel in excess of 80 kms per year to seek treatment at The Northern Hospital. Northern Health recognises that being disconnected from family and friends can have adverse effects on a patient’s health and wellbeing. In 2017, the Northern Health Foundation will build homes, assisting patients and their families visiting or seeking treatment at one of Northern Health’s campuses.

John Molnar, Board Chair, Northern Health Foundation, acknowledged Freemasons Victoria for their ongoing support.

“Thanks to Freemasons Victoria, our two organisations have built a strong partnership and the northern community will continually benefit from your ongoing support,” he said.

“It is through initiatives like this fundraising dinner, that the foundation is able to raise vital funds to support the health service to ensure we continue to provide outstanding health care to our community,” he said.

“The Northern Health Foundation Accommodation Relief Appeal was launched in November 2016 and since then we have purchased land to build our first of many homes. This contribution from Freemasons Victoria will allow us to purchase a second home which will assist our patients and their families visiting or seeking treatment at one of Northern Health’s campuses.

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