Freemasons Foundation Scholoarship Recipients

  • February 2019

Freemasons Foundation Victoria would like to congratulate the following students for being awarded Freemasons Scholarships 2019. 


Connor Aisen

Ariella Hain

Sienna Palamara

Yeshuah Allen Veloso

Tom Hayes

Benjamin Paterson

Robin Alvear

Isabelle Hayes

Brittney Paulet

Jack Anderson

Katherine Hayes Chen

Emma Peters

Angus Bardsley

James Heathcote

Lexie Purcell

Summer Benness

Ruby Hollingworth

Taylah Purcell

Blake Billing

Sophie Hood

George Pyers

Caitlin Billington

Sophie Hood

Anna Quin

Sarah Boehringer

Ellie Howes

Amy Rabinov

Caitlin Brander

Georgia Howes

Tyler Reid

Jana Brisbane Bacon

Felicity Huang

Daniel Rian Veloso

Siobhan Brown

Kye Ingram

Olivia Robinson

Declan Brown

Layne Jansons

Sharon Ruth

Lucy Burns

Jane Jarecki

Kathryn Sayers

Mackenzie Byrnes

Lucy Joseland

Loren Shinkfield

Ashlie Caia-Matthews

Riley Kenny

Henry Sibly

Thomas Chadwick

Amy Lamport

William Sibly

Benjamin Chesler

Amelia Lea

Taylah Simpson

Lincoln Clark

Jordon Lee-Pownell

Mia Skilling

Callum Clayton

Gabriel Leon-Thomas

Kayla Smith

Michael Clayton

Orlando Leon-Thomas

Amber Smith

Kobe` Cole

Alwyn Long

Celine Somers

Emilie Collins

Chloe Ludwig

Abbey Stizza

Meghan Conlan

Rourke Lumsden

Alison Stockdale

Chelsea Cooper

Darcy Macaulay

Renee Stockdale

Claudia Cox

Tristan Macaulay

Mietta Symmons-Joyce

Shauna Cox

Bianca Mackay

Sophia Trias

Angus Cripps

Timothy Mason

Riley Walhouse

Joel Cripps

Erin McConnell

Reagan Wardlaw

Alexander Darius

Amy McKinnon

Noah Wardlaw

Mitchell De Nardis

Thomas McLaren

Brodie Watson

Olivia Derri

Gemma McPhee

Zack Watson

Imogen Duff

Sarah McRae

Brodie Welsh

Verity Duff

Andie Montag

Elijah White

Elise Durra

Piper Montag

Sydney Williams

Bronte Ennis

Jade Montgomery

James Woods

Laura Ferlazzo

Lilly-Jaye Morrison

Chloe Zahra

Brianna Finlay

Charlotte Murray


Erin Fitzpatrick

Brock Newton


Ashley Foot

Nathan North-Coombes


Kyle France

Evan O'Connor


Karanvir Gill

Amy Ord


Riley Glass

Connor O'Shea


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