Freemasons Community Leadership Program Overview

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Freemasons Victoria is collaborating with Leadership Victoria to enable the Freemasons Community Leadership Program – an immersive leadership development program providing accessible leadership development to emerging and established Victorian Freemason leaders to make better, swifter progress in addressing the complex challenges that face our community. The program comprises units delivered through full and half day development forums over the course of eight months. The program is delivered through the expertise of Leadership Victoria.

The focus of the Freemasons Community Leadership Program is the adaptive leadership model which is based on the premise that “anyone can lead, anytime, anywhere” and is built on a framework of four competencies: Diagnosing Situation, Managing Self, Intervening Skilfully and Mobilising Others.

Applications for 2019 will open Friday 21 December 2018. 

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Leadership Focus

As well as the adaptive leadership modules, typically combined into an applied learning program “Finding Your Leadership Edge”, participants can capitalise on other capacity-building modules and tailored programs such as:

  • What is leadership?
  • New ways of leading
  • Understanding self
  • Emotional intelligence, resilience and well being
  • Effective communication
  • Influencing and driving change
  • Strategic and critical thinking
  • Collaboration and innovation
  • Ethical decision making

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Who Should Apply?

Victorian Freemasons with a demonstrated positive interest in the future of Freemasonry and its contribution to communities and society should apply for the program. You can be an aspiring, emerging or current leader. You should be open to respecting and considering others’ ideas and views, even if they are different from your own. We are looking for a broad cross section of participants who will demonstrate the diversity of Victorian Freemasonry and enrich the program with different perspectives.

Applications are encouraged from Victorian Freemasons:

  • from regional and urban locations
  • who might come from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds
  • who demonstrate different levels of experience, education and job roles/professions
  • who demonstrate leadership potential in community and Lodge
  • who work effectively with people
  • who show willingness to be a productive participant
  • are open minded
  • are willing to be an active change agent and contributor to the Freemasons Victoria Strategic Plan
  • who have endorsement of support from their family and their employer
  • who are endorsed for application by two senior Freemasons.

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Program Commitment 

The program is a rare opportunity to develop deep leadership skills and build a network of fellow leaders within Freemasonry. It is a comprehensive program and involves a significant commitment of time and engagement – both on program days and on self-directed or group activities between program contact days. Full attendance and active participation will be expected throughout the program. In applying, you will need to show you can commit to the program, including evidence (where applicable) of your family’s support, your employer/business partner’s agreement and your Lodge’s endorsement.


Program days will be held in Melbourne on the following Fridays and Saturdays from March to December 2019.

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Saturday 16 March½ dayInduction

Friday 10 May

Saturday 11 May

2 full daysProgram days 1 & 2
Friday 28 June1 full dayProgram day 3
Friday 2 August1 full dayProgram day 4
Friday 30 August1 full dayProgram day 5
Friday 5 October1 full dayProgram day 6

Friday 29 November

Saturday 30 November

2 full daysProgram days 7 & 8
Graduation (TBC – December)eveningProgram graduation
*Plus self-directed & group tasks between program days

Current program is subject to change

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In regard to the Program Schedule

The program schedule has been designed to be balanced between members’ professional and personal commitments. Freemasons Victoria is very conscious of the contributions which all members make to Freemasonry and to the community, and is trying to recognise the value and impact of those contributions while also addressing key logistical issues around venue, faculty and guest speaker availability.

In addition to the positive impact this program will bring about in Freemasonry and in the community, the program will have significant professional benefits for participants and employers. The leadership concepts, the exploration of strategic issues facing Victoria, and the networks fostered are all extremely valuable to participants and their employers. LV program participants include some of the most senior decision makers in the state.  Leadership Victoria’s programs are highly sought after, and most LV participants arrange with their organisations to pay a program fee (which can be considerable) as well as to be released for LV activities as a normal working day as part of the organisation’s professional development strategy. Freemasons Victoria recognises that this can be more difficult for some roles than others, and is happy to work with interested participants and their employers to explain the context of this program and the potential impact for the employer to have this unique experience available at no charge other than some time release.

The skills and learnings this program offers will take the participant to a new level of professional and personal development.

The transferable life-time skills to be garnered from participation include:

  • Confidence
  • Communication
  • Responsibility
  • Negotiation
  • Networking
  • Management

Participants will discover new talents and achieve higher recognition in the workplace.  The return on time-investment will be invaluable in both the personal and professional lives of the participants.

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Application Process

  1. Applications for the 2019 Leadership Program open on 21 December 2018
  2. Complete online application form
  3. Applications close midnight Monday 28 January 2019 – applications can be lodged at any time prior to closing time by mail, delivery, online, email
  4. Applications are scored against selection criteria
  5. Referee endorsements are reviewed
  6. Individual interviews are conducted with invited candidates
  7. Employer endorsements and support will be verified where applicable
  8. Successful applicants are selected and notified 22 February 2018
  9. Successful applicants will be announced at the March Quarterly Communication 2019
  10. Successful applicants will commence the program on  20 March 2019

Due to the limited participant capacity and the need for a diverse composition of participants in any given group, not all qualified candidates are chosen. Unsuccessful individuals are strongly encouraged to re-apply in subsequent years.

Questions or concerns about the program can be directed to

Freemasons Victoria Marketing 03 94110111