Freemasons Bird’s Eye CFA Fire Spotting

The Lismore and District Rural Fire Brigade’s Group are extremely grateful for the very generous donation from Rosebank Lodge at Beeac and Freemasons Foundation Victoria. It has enabled the Brigade to purchase a new computer to operate the recently installed webcam on top of Mount Elephant, Derrinallum.

The webcam will be used as a fire spotting camera and to monitor fires. This will be a vital tool when fire towers have poor visibility or are not manned. The camera is remotely controlled and can be rotated 360 degrees. The camera operator can monitor a fire and is able to photograph critical stages to send to the Incident Controllers phone or computer. It will be very useful during lightning storms, and to watch the development and control of wildfires.

Rosebank Lodge members John Patterson, also Lismore and District Rural Fire Brigade’s Captain  (left), Peter Hirth (second left) and Les Kelly (right) and Robert Pullen (second right) presents  Lismore and District Group Communications Officer Chris Lang (centre) with a new fire monitoring laptop.

Lismore and District Rural Fire Brigade’s Captain, John Patterson and Lismore and District RFB Group Communications Officer, Chris Lang waste no time connecting up the fire monitoring laptop.

Members of the Lismore and District Rural Fire Brigade check the computer with images from the webcam.

Moving Billboard – The bulk water tanker is used for fighting fires

Photography: Sally Patterson