Four Stories in One Day: Freemasons Cycling Club (Vic)

  • Saturday 23 February 2019

For the past six years, the Wellness Centre within the Albury Wodonga Regional Cancer Centre has been the beneficiary of the Lake Hume Cycle Challenge. Over that time more than $100,000 has been donated to this 100% local cause. The AWRCC houses the most modern cancer treatment facilities; it unites cancer services under one roof offering a place to educate, support, research and treat all forms of cancer. Among 600 entrants on Saturday 23 February 2019, four riders from the Freemasons Cycling Club (Vic) rolled onto the start line for the 2019 Lake Hume Challenge 80km road ride. Little did they know that reality was going to differ so much from expectation.

WBro. Darren Hill crosses the finish line after his epic battle against himself to complete the 80km ride.

WBro. Darren Hill suspected before he started that his training for the event was not ideal. For the past 12 months Darren’s priorities had not always been riding so, as he wiped the dust from his saddle, the reality of 80km to go had him a little concerned. As it turned out, Darren wiped the doubt away with the dust and like HAB completed the course with sheer guts and determination. Great job Darren.

In mid-2018, Bro. Cyril Land had both knees replaced and, while he had been building up for this event, he knew there were still some questions to be answered. Bro. Land not only rode the distance; he inspired everyone he met with the story they ‘knee-ed” to hear and chatting about Freemasonry. Congratulations Cyril. In true Almoner style, you put others before yourself, and got home safely. 

WBro. Malcolm Mann had spent many hours training in his garage since the Ride for headspace 2018 but, after completing the Ballarat Cycle Classic the weekend before, knew he was ready for the Lake Hume Challenge. Malcolm topped the biggest climb of the day in good spirits but after hitting 57km/h on the downhill he hit something on the road, buckling his front wheel and flattening the tyre. A car ride to the finish was not part of his plan however, having his skin in-tact was reason enough to be more happy than disappointed.

WBro. Milton Mann had been focussing on his track-racing training between work and performing his Junior Grand Deacon duties, but he was confident that 80kms with a group of mates would result in a good day “in the office”. Milton characterised Freemasons, as is his usual custom. On several occasions, he doubled back to make sure his brothers were ok and offered relief where he could. Because of that, he lost his group and ended up riding the last 30kms on his own. With his Cable Tow stretched to well over the expected 80km, he certainly had some stories to tell when he finished.

WBro. Milton Mann tells everyone about his day after finishing the 2019 Lake Hume Challenge.

Bro. Cyril Land crosses the finish line after his ride.  RWBro Howard Mann looks on.