Ephraim Finch

Ephraim Finch
“Masons are proud honourable people, we sing the national anthem and feel proud about it, and wish more young people would feel that.”
"I like the old fashioned style of life, the respect, the charity and the brotherhood.”

Ephraim Finch has always been a man to keep one eye on the past and one on the future. “I am a collector of family history,” he says, “It’s important to record things so people can look up their family's’ legacy.” In fact, the legacy of his grandfather, a mason of many years, was one of the main reasons Ephraim decided to join the Craft, as a way of carrying forward a tradition into a new age.

Since joining Ephraim has served as Master of his Lodge, King David, and is constantly aware of the image Freemasons Victoria puts forward to the youth of tomorrow. “We have to change and adapt to the times,” he states, “but we also have to keep our roots as well.” Of the many things he enjoys about being a Masons he particularly appreciates the emphasis put on wearing proper dress. “When you put on special dress,” Ephraim explains, “you think differently about what you are doing, you treat it with more respect.” He has brought this philosophy into his family life, where he hosts group dinners every Sabbath with his wife, six children, and sixteen grandchildren.

When thinking about what defines Freemasons Victoria Ephraim points to the fact that you are accepted as a brother regardless of your personal standing or religious beliefs. “There is a deeper meaning to being a Freemasons,” he says, “which is being there for one another and helping where you can.” For Ephraim this means helping to preserve the history of the society by spearheading a process to move valuable information on to digital storage, whilst also ensuring a smooth transition of the organisation at large into the next generation.