Engagement Training

To identify areas of improvement and initiatives that will strengthen the Lodge's place in the community, as well as provide a higher level of member experience and engagement. 

Lodge Engagement Officers are to proactively assess the engagement levels within their Lodge and local community. They will work with the support of the Lodge’s Committee of General Purposes to identify areas of improvement and initiatives that will strengthen the Lodge’s place in the Community, as well as provide a higher-level of member experience and engagement. This can take the form (but is not limited to) initiatives such as:


  • Redevelop/improve the South experience (catering, entertainment, etc)
  • Organisation of social events to strengthen the Lodge
  • Close contact of prospects and initiates with encouragement to attend Lodge social events
  • Activities to raise the Lodge attendance levels that involve and engage members


  • Focus on how the Lodge and Freemasonry is perceived by the Community
  • Encourage the Lodge to be more involved and visible in the Community
  • Collaborate with community groups, nearby Lodges, and FMV to further awareness, acceptance and engagement
  • Consider the use of social media, media, and marketing to positively promote Freemasonry and the Lodge’s activities within the Community

The primary question the Lodge Engagement Officer should focus on is “What can we do to make sure our members and our community have a positive experience that leaves them with a smile?”

As the role of the Lodge Engagement Officer is an active role, it is not appropriate for the Lodge Secretary or Worshipful Master to assume this position until after their term of service. There is however no minimum requirement with regard to rank or service. There is an expectation they will be supported by the Lodge.

What can a Lodge Engagement Officer do?

Ever wondered what areas a Lodge Engagement Officer can make the most impact within your Lodge? Below are some of the more common areas to focus on improving your fellow Brethren's engagement. 

Experience in the Lodge South

Do the quality of the meals suffice? Is the cost for each dinner reasonable? What areas can be improved? What are some areas that are least enjoyable?

Community Focus

What is the relationship between your Lodge and the community? Does the perception of the community need improving? How can the Lodge involve the community in events?

Member's Families

Does yoru Lodge include partners in the South? Do you have events that encourage for family involvement? How can you increase the connection between the Lodge and your Brethren's families? 

Charity Efforts

How are you promoting the charity efforts of your Lodge? Are you letting the community, social media and others know the good work and relationships you are supporting as a Lodge?


How is your Lodge treating members who have not been seen in some time? What is your Lodge's policy with special membership? How can you welcome your absent Brethren and get them involved again?

Alternatively, email membership@fmv.org.au or discuss ideas with your Brethren to see what could work well within your Lodge. 

What is an Engagement Officer?