Don Reynolds

Don Reynolds
“The principles and tenets of Freemasonry allow me to be a better person in the community and to be a better man.”
“I grew up in a time where people generally didn't talk about Freemasonry, but my father and I would always chat about it, so it felt natural that I would join. It formed a strong bond between us.”

As a Past Grand Master of Freemasonry in Victoria, the highest attainable position in the organisation, Don Reynolds likes to set a good example when it comes to community outreach. On that front, he has undoubtedly succeeded. Earlier in 2016, the members of his Mother Lodge, Lodge Amicus, with the help of the Freemasons Foundation, held a masquerade ball which raised over $50,000 for charitable purposes. Not too long before that, Don was also involved with a drive that resulted in the delivery of a $100,000 cheque to the Olivia Newton John Wellness Centre.

Born and raised in Colac, Don began his Masonic journey when he followed in the footsteps of his father, a proud Mason of many years, to join the venerable organisation at the Lodge of St John in the 1970s. 38 years later, he's still relishing every day as an active member of the Masonic community and all the mateship and personal development that has come with it. Now with Lodge Amicus, a lodge he helped found 12 years ago, Don likes to focus on the things that makes the Masonic experience a great one, including excellent ceremony and ritual, fine dining, and social events which partners can attend. Don was quick to express how supportive his partner, Mya G. Grayly, has been throughout his membership. “She is always there to do what she can,” Don explained, “helping to find the way forward for the organisation, no matter what is required.”

MWBro. Don Reynolds, PGM
Grand Master 2016-2018