Dominic Gullace

Dominic Gullace

Heritage is a huge aspect of Freemasons Victoria, and members with family history are always welcomed with particular candour. Members like Dominic Gullace, who decided to follow in the footsteps of his Grandfather and Uncle by joining the venerable institution, is one such example. Many take comfort knowing that people they look up to and trust give the Craft the seal of approval; in Dominic’s words: “I knew it had to be a good organisation if they were a part of it.”

Originally from the USA, Dominic moved to Australia when he was 5, and eventually joined Freemasons Victoria at Lodge Amicus in 2007. He has since been a Master of the Lodge, and has also since joined the Golden Fleece Lodge, where he was also honoured to serve as Master. Dominic considers the Masonic society to be an integral part of his life, and his wife is also a keen supporter of everything the organisation stands for, particularly the many charitable works it supports.

For Dominic, Freemasons Victoria offers “refuge and solace from the constant stresses in life”, and counsels that “if you follow its principles, it will undoubtedly enrich your life, help you form great friendships and give you a support mechanism to help you cope with life better, whilst also making a positive difference in the world by enriching the lives of others.”

Date:January 17, 2017

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