Deputy Grand Master

RWBro. Barry Minster OAM OS GAlm

The direction of Barry’s life is influenced by his military service in Vietnam.

Barry built a career in television and has had the privilege to work on major projects including several Olympic Games and international events. As the state manager for Outside Broadcast ABCTV Victoria, he was responsible for over 100 staff.

Barry’s career was enhanced by mature age academic study achieving a Master of Arts in Communications.

His community service includes President of Kew Rotary, RSL and MCC committees. Recently Barry has been appointed to the ANZAC Veterans advisory committee.

With 38 years in Freemasonry, he has served in 16 active teams across major degrees and orders including 14 years on the Board of Benevolence and Foundation service.

In 2017, Barry was awarded the OAM and the Order of Service in recognition of this work. He currently holds the position of Grand Almoner.

Barry has been supported by his wife Judith to whom he is forever indebted.

RWBro. Andrew McPhee GSuptCom

At heart Andrew is a Freemason and does his best to live by our ideals every day. He believes in the future of our organisation and its teachings.

It was with his father's encouragement and support that Andrew became a Freemason. He has been actively involved since 1986 in many areas and currently serves as the Chair of the Marketing VAT.

Andrew is married with two grown-up sons who are both Masons and initiating them was the highlight of his masonic journey. Andrew’s wife Lisa supports his involvement in Freemasonry and is an active contributor herself.

Professionally, Andrew started his career as an electronic engineer in in the RAAF. He also headed a division of 3M as General Manager for Australia and South East Asia. 

Andrew has always been very results-driven and focussed on obtaining set goals. His management style could best be described as conciliatory. He currently runs his own business which he has done for six years, giving him a great work/life balance.

RWBro. Peter Henshall PDGM

Married to Sharon with two children, Peter has been a Freemason for 39 years.

Professionally, Peter held a number of senior commercial positions, including his appointment as Grand Secretary and CEO, which he held for six years until his retirement in December 2016.

Peter was initiated into Lodge of Tradition becoming its Master in 1987. 

Peter has been the Grand Treasurer, Senior Grand Warden and Grand Secretary. He has also served on the Grand Lodge Finance Committee, Board of General Purposes, Board of Benevolence and was a director of the Freemasons Public Charitable Foundation.

Peter remains active in his Craft, Mark and Chapter Lodges.

Recreationally, Peter led his local Church of England Boys Society and enjoys playing golf and following cricket and AFL football.

He has a strong relationship with Royal Freemasons, serving on its Board and Committees for nearly 20 years, including his role as Chairman of Directors.

RWBro. Tony Bucca PSGW

Tony is a Legal Practitioner. He holds combined Arts/Law Degrees and was admitted to practice in 1977.

For the most part of his career, Tony has been self-employed and presently consults part-time in the areas of crime, general litigation and larger commercial matters.

He was initiated in October 1980 and is now in his 39th year in the Craft. He has been the Master of two Lodges in 1986 and 2004.

Tony has served served in eight Grand Lodge Teams as Assistant Grand Pursuivant in 1990, Senior Grand Deacon in 1992, Grand Registrar from 2000-2005 and Senior Grand Warden in 2009.

Tony was a member of the Board from 1999-2005 and has been a member of numerous committees of Grand Lodge including Executive, General and Legal amongst others for many years. He is presently on the Constitutional Review Committee.

He has also served on the Board of Royal Freemasons Homes for 17 years from 1992-2009 including three years as Chairman.

Please refer to Rule 41 of the Book of Constitutions which prohibits the campaigning of any nominee for this position. Should you become aware of campaigning occurring, you are reminded that you have a Masonic obligation to report this to the Grand Secretary immediately.

Rule 41 states: Brethren are prohibited from campaigning (by whatever means) for the election or otherwise of candidates for the Deputy Grand Master Selection Panel or of candidates for the position of Deputy Grand Master. Neither shall any candidate himself be engaged or implicated in such campaigning. Such activity by any brother shall be deemed a Masonic offence and shall be dealt with in accordance with these Rules.