Deidre Crick

Deidre Crick
“Freemasonry gives you a great opportunity to make friends. We made some great friends in Alberta – we visited them and they visited us – and you get to see a lot of the same people around when you go to social events.”
“Freemasons never think twice about helping others out.”

Deidre Crick, wife of eminent Freemasons Victoria member Peter Crick, has always been interested in helping people. In her former career she was a school teacher, at one time or another teaching at every level from prep to year eleven, from primary school to senior school. In these roles she was an integration aid, working with students who couldn't attend regular school settings. After many years of this she became a librarian, and finally a computer teacher.

During it all she also offered support to her husband in his position. “He was a Freemason when I married him,” Deidre remembers fondly, “so I knew what I was getting myself into!” While Peter was District Coordinator, Deidre compiled and sent out the District Newsletter. “Communication is very important,” Deidre explains, “If people know what is happening they can be involved and participate.” Starting out quite small the newsletter grew each month, and currently reaches around three hundred readers.

As well as these contributions Deidre is also very active with Freemasons Victoria events. “I attend everything I can,” she states with a big smile, “If I'm available, you can count on me to be involved.” Deidre finds the events to be fulfilling in a socially-conscious sense, as they are often in service of charity, but also as a way to have good fun. The couple have made many quality friends at these gatherings, both here and abroad. Recently, their association with the organisation has brought them to New Zealand, Tasmania, Western Australia, South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales and Malaysia in 2016 alone! They have also previously travelled to Singapore and Alberta, Canada, where Peter is an honorary representative at Alberta Canada, Grand Chapter.

Deidre believes strongly in the importance of women in the Freemasonry. “I've often found the ladies are very perceptive of people who have needs,” Deidre explains, “and that is a big part of what Freemasonry is about.” Recently, Deidre has been involved in various charitable activities such as donating over two thousand dollars the National Heart Foundation and giving money to a school in Timor for a rebuilding project. She looks forward to continuing her partnership with Freemasons Victoria well into the future.