Daylight Lodge, Lodge Eshcol No. 785 Wants You!

  • Freemasons Shepparton
  • WBro. Allan Thomson

The members of Lodge Eshcol No. 785, a Daylight Lodge in Shepparton Victoria are the stewards of the Lodge and acknowledge that they are keeping a Daylight Lodge available for future generations of Freemasons.

As you may be aware Daylight Lodges belong to all Freemasons and not just the registered financial members of the Lodge itself and should be available to future generations. It exists to complement the region’s night Lodges to provide Masonic friendship and camaraderie to Brethren who like or prefer a daylight meeting and by bringing their wives and partners for lunch at every meeting. This letter is to point out that YOUR daylight lLodge, Lodge Eshcol, is teetering on the premise of being unworkable due to lack of members. With this in mind, we at Lodge Eshcol invite all Freemasons, who are available on the 4th Monday of each month to join with us to help us to keep this Lodge in operation and available to Freemasons in the future.

We have asked WBro. Allan Thomson, Secretary a few questions to better understand a Daylight Lodge and Lodge Eshcol.

1.What are the benefits of a Daylight Lodge?

To provide fellowship for all Freemasons (inclusive of being night Lodge affiliated or non-affiliated) and non-Freemasons who for various reasons are unable to attend evening meetings. This can be shift workers, self-employed men and retirees.

2.Why should a Brother join Lodge Eshcol?

  • To increase the membership of Eshcol Daylight Lodge No. 785 it is to provide men in the Greater Shepparton region an alternative to night Lodges and/or other community organisations
  • Ladies (wives/partners) share lunch at every meeting
  • Normal business dress for daylight masonic meetings
  • Members meet during the daytime when evenings are committed to other activities
  • No disruption to family life
  • Practice universal charity
  • Opportunities for self-development
  • Build friendships
  • Be an integral part of society

3.What are some charitable donations and community involvement activities that Lodge Eschol has participated in?


Donation to Church group



Widow relief (funeral costs)



Donation to Church group



Oncology (GV Health) care for nurse



Donation to Church group  



Pediatrics Monitors 



Donation to Church group



Donation to Church group  



Donation to Men’s shed (Mooroopna)



Drought Relief






4.Tell us about the transition from a regular Lodge to a Daylight Lodge

In joining the Daylight Lodge it DOES NOT mean you need to resign from your night Lodge. Just go along to Lodge Eshcol and fill out an application to join, (this is required for administrative reasons and to advise GL of your additional membership).

If you are interested in learning more please contact Lodge Eshcol's Secretary, WBro. Allan Thomson by phone 0402 284 797 or email