David Heazlewood

David Heazlewood
“What do I enjoy most about Freemasonry? I'd have to say the fellowship of being amongst other good men and their families.”
“As a Mason I have gained an enormous amount of compassion for other people.”

As a National Serviceman in the 1970’s, David Hazlewood gained a great deal of respect for the official ceremonies that would be held frequently while he was on duty. He would carry this fascination with him after joining the Craft, and thus it was a natural progression that he would become a Director of Ceremonies at his mother lodge.

Initially a member of Lodge Allegiance, a servicemen’s lodge, he has also been an active member of Lord Northcote Lodge and the Lodge of Good Companions.

He has been involved in a startling mix of roles and duties: Task Force and Liaison officer, Assistant District Coordinator, Inspector of Workings, Risk and Compliance Committee member and Chair of the Order. He is also in the Mark order, currently serves as Master Overseer and will be Senior Warden in the near future. David is a man who loves Freemasonry and what it has to offer, but the most rewarding aspects for him, personally, are those he can enjoy with his family.

Aside from the monthly activities that all members can bring their family along to, he has also remained active in many charitable events such as The Good Friday Appeal for the Royal Children’s Hospital. Considering both of David’s daughters have special needs, this is a particularly meaningful event for him, and every year his whole family gets involved in collections.

When asked about this aspect of Freemasonry David simply replied: “giving, philanthropy, doing things for the community – this is what Freemasonry is all about”.