Darren Poinen

Darren Poinen
“The organisation allows me to feel part of something, which makes me very proud.”
“It is not necessarily for everyone, but it could well be the right choice for you.”

Darren Poinen has been enamoured with many aspects of Freemasonry over the years, including his induction itself. “Throughout your application,” Darren explains, referencing the process during which your submission is reviewed by people who will become your brethren and peers, “you feel the weight of selection, and when it is successful you feel honoured to become a Freemason.”

Now a member of the Antient York Lodge, Darren sees Freemasonry for what it truly is: a society built around helping others, and helping individuals better themselves. “It has taught me many things,” Darren says, “discipline, respect, conduct in everyday situations, and to be fair and honest in all things.” Darren also expounds on how it has allowed him to better understand and be more aware of what is happening around him in his community, and how he has learned to be a better person in all aspects of his life as a result.

For prospective members, Darren urges people to do their research and ensure it is the right choice for them, but he is quick to mention that if you are someone interested in honour, integrity, ethics and philanthropy, Freemasons Victoria will be exactly where you belong.