Anzac Plaques – A Personal Ode

Anzac Plaques – A Personal Ode

The Freemasons Victoria 2017 activation was based at the Shrine of Remembrance, facilitating a community development project which aimed to draw attention to the recognition of all people in all conflicts and their affected families and children.

ANZAC Day 25 April 2017


Shrine of Remembrance and Federation Square, Melbourne

The Event

The Freemasons Victoria activation, based at the Shrine of Remembrance was where Bro. Sankar Nadeson facilitated a community development project, which aimed to draw attention to the recognition of all peoples in all conflicts and their affected families and children.

The mechanism for this experience was the making of ANZAC Commemorative Plaques, by the simple and accessible process of inscribing and shaping clay into a meaningful object of reflection and remembrance.

On the Day

On Tuesday 25 April (Anzac Day), the community at large had the opportunity through this initiative to come together and form personal odes harnessing the reflections and sentiments of this national day of remembrance.

The completed clay plaques will be fired by Sankar and retained for the use of a large-scale community memorial located permanently in Melbourne CBD.

Volunteers and Supporters

Members of the community, volunteers and many Freemasons attended to support this special day and helped to produce clay commemorative plaques that will become a permanent record of emotions and sentiments of the day. Special thanks to Collingwood and Essendon football players and the Deputy Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police Legacy for their support and inclusion on the day.

This program is fully endorsed by RSL Victoria, and is vetted by the ANZAC Day Chief Marshall. 

“The personal involvement through the making of Anzac Commemorative Plaques offers the community a meaningful object of reflection and remembrance in a special way to recognise all people involved in conflict” – Sankar Nadeson