Colin Scharp

Colin Scharp
“We are not here to judge one another – we accept each other for who we are.”
“Freemasonry has helped me be a better version of myself.”

There are many great aspects to Freemasonry according to Colin Scharp, but chief amongst them is the diverse and accepting culture that is championed by the fraternal society. Colin, a member of Brunswick United Lodge, takes great pride in how the organisation he is part of welcomes people from all backgrounds, and enriches the lives of everyone involved as a result.

Freemasonry also has been able to help Colin grow and develop his own personal skillset. “It has given me so much confidence”, Colin explains, “and not only do I benefit from being a member, my wife does as well, as she also gets involved in the organisation.”

Colin believes that being part of such an accepting community has enabled him to make many wonderful friends and has fostered both his partner’s and his own self-improvement. Barely a day goes by that the couple don’t reflect on how lucky they are to have Freemasonry as part of their lives.

If you are intrigued by Freemasonry, Colin strongly suggests you make sure it is the right choice for you. He also advises that you speak to your partner before joining so they understand more about it themselves, as well as understanding why you might want to join. Finally he encourages getting that partner involved – something that has worked out wonderfully for the couple.