Black Saturday Commemorative Tree Unveiling

  • Thursday 7 February 2019
  • Middle Kinglake Primary School

Ten years on from Black Saturday, Bro. Keith Murray and Bro. Myles King attended Middle Kinglake Primary School to commemorate the anniversary. A commemorative tree was unveiled through a ribbon cutting ceremony to remember all those affected by one of the State’s worst days. The large turnout of families all commented on the acts of kindness by Freemasons who helped their community recover.

Freemasons raised $1 million which was used to rebuild communities and help families recover from the horror that ravaged the region. Part of this money was used to help rebuild schools, specifically Middle King Lake Primary School which was completely destroyed by the fires. When the school was rebuilt, a library was fitted out and supplied with many books and a scholarship was formed for grade six students, which has been ongoing for a decade. We should all be proud about how we helped many recover from the devastation of Black Saturday and we should continue to give a helping hand to our community.