Bill Hayes

Bill Hayes
“I got into Christianity late but am now deeply embedded in it, and I see many of the same teachings and values in Freemasonry.”
“Freemasonry is a worldwide organisation that has great values for Christians and Non-Christians alike.”

You don’t have to be religious to enjoy what Freemasonry has to offer, but Bill Hayes does appreciate the way that the organisation has allowed him to reflect on his Christian faith in deeper and more profound ways than he would have otherwise. From the ceremonies and rituals, to aspects of the Chapter and Mark, to the ethics taught by the Brotherhood, Bill is reminded of similar moral lessons in Christianity that he often ponders: “in life we all sin,” he offers as an example, “but we are all forgiven”.

Bill first joined the craft as a Lewis (the son of a Freemason) and has been an ardent member of the Doncaster Lodge ever since. Personal conduct is a key element of being a good Mason, according to Bill. “We are judged on our standards,” he says, discussing how one should act when out in the community, “so your behaviour has to be such that it reflects on the organisation you are a part of, and on what your beliefs are.”

He is happily retired from his banking and finance career, where he often served in senior roles, but recently opened what he initially hoped would be a small, modest cleaning business. Instead, the business “has completely gone out of control”, as he describes it. This isn’t too surprising, however, as success vocationally is often a by-product of truly adopting the values and principles of Freemasonry in everyday life.