Barry Minster OAM

Barry Minster OAM
"We bring peace to the world. Many, many Australian soldiers in World War 2 were Freemasons. We will fight for what is right and bring peace."
“A Mason can look in the mirror and know that what he does is good for the world.”

A proud member for over 35 years, Barry Minster comes from a proud family of Freemasons, though he originally joined at the suggestion of a co-worker. He had long been impressed by the consistently virtuous behaviour displayed by members of the fraternity he had interacted with. One of the most laudable aspects of Freemasonry, according to Barry, is the sheer amount of charitable work and activities, such as medical institutions and aged care homes, that the organisation is involved in. For him, the Freemasons are rightly recognised for all the good work they do in the community and sound values they promote at large.

Barry is involved in many volunteer projects with Freemasonry and had a hand in the creation of Freemasons Victoria’s first website in 1995 as well as other media ventures in television.

Barry says that while there are misconceptions about the Society, the” great principles and integrity” that Freemasonry taught him is what stands out about the Brotherhood. As Barry explained, Freemasons are always encouraging each other in self-development, and judging each other by the goodness they display. The ceremonial aspects are another crucial element of Freemasonry according to Barry – not just the symbolism incorporated but the actual experience itself and its ability to change one’s world view.

Barry’s advice to anyone thinking of joining is to start with research; use the internet and speak to a Freemason you might know, even visit a lodge to see what it is all about to help you make your decision. “If you come prepared with knowledge and realistic expectations”, he says, “you are likely to become a member.”