Ballarat talks Freemasonry – Visit Ballarat library today

A historical display of Freemasonry artefacts has been set up for all to enjoy in the Ballarat library until November 10th. The display includes badges that date back to the time of French ruler Napoleon in the 19th century. MWBro. Don Reynolds, GM, was present at the event saying “this collection has state-wide and national significance.”

MWBro. Bruce Bartrop, PGM, who joined Freemasons in 1957, and became Grand Master in 2005 (the first country Victorian Freemason to be elected Grand Master) spoke about the work Freemasons do with hospitals and other charitable organisations. MWBro. Reynolds added how valuable these public speeches and discussions about Freemasonry are within local communities, and how it’s an opportunity to engage the wider community in the work being done.

Freemasonry, dating back to the 17th century, is one of the oldest and biggest fraternal organisations with an estimated membership of 5 million worldwide. There are currently around 9000 members in Victoria where FMV is continually working to recruit new members.

Original article by Derrick Krusche appeared in the Ballarat Courier, pg. 2 – 25th September, 2017