Ange Kenos

Ange Kenos
“We are simply good men seeking to make life better for ourselves, for our families, and for the broader community.”
"Freemasonry is like a family, a special family. You adopt them, and they adopt you and you never want to let go of them.”

Ange Kenos is a very busy man. A Justice of the Peace, for 43 years Ange continues to be involved in numerous boards and committees. Among these are the Lemnos Gallipoli Commemorative Committee, which acknowledges the Hellenic connection to Australia’s Anzac tradition, various RSL commitments, including the state archives, and alongside this he finds time to act as a weightlifting coach and referee. For Ange it has always been this way: previously he had a hand in co-founding the Victorian Space Science Education Centre in Strathmore, as well as being instrumental in a thesis that lead to the formation of the Office of the Medical Ombudsman of Victoria. Despite all this, he still finds plenty of time to fulfil his Masonic duties, including chipping in at the library and museum, and is always available to talk to or lend a helping hand to those in need.

Ange was first properly introduced to Freemasons Victoria after being impressed by two men who were serving on a Crime Prevention Committee he happened to be the Chairman of. The two men talked to him, cleared up a few ideas he had about the organisation and invited him to come and try it out. After joining, Ange was amazed to see how many faces he recognised. “We used to keep it a secret,” he explains, “but now that’s changing, and it’s a good thing too because if we were more open about it and I had known all these people were Freemasons I probably would have joined a lot sooner!”

Ange feels he has gained a great deal from his time with the Craft- “I’ve learned a lot about myself,” he explains, “and I think I’ve become a better man.” He is also often taken aback by the compassion and mateship shown by his fellow members. “I was quite ill early in the year,” he says, “and quite a few people from the Lodge rang me and visited me. They might not be brothers in blood, but they are my brothers through Freemasonry. It moved me to tears.”