Andrew Burman

Andrew Burman
“Freemasonry confirms my values and puts me in touch with like-minded people.”
"The best aspect of Freemasonry is the consistency with which they apply their morals.”

For Andrew Burman Freemasonry, at first, was simply an excellent replacement for the social groups he enjoyed as a younger man, but as he grew and developed in the society he learned to see it as more of a worldwide family – a community that has given him the unique opportunity to meet many great men and develop long lasting friendships with people who share the same values as himself.

Andrew became a Freemason in 2012 and during this time he has been an active member of his mother lodge at Brighton District. He is proud of the values, ethics and morals championed by Freemasonry, and also with the outstanding charity work spearheaded by the organisation over the years – work that Andrew has also involved himself in.

Andrew believes there are three misconceptions that people have about Freemasonry that he would like to clear up. Firstly, and foremostly, it is not a weird secret society that involves animal sacrifice or anything ridiculous like that, secondly no one should let the fear of the unknown stop them from joining such an incredible and supportive group of men, and thirdly doing your own intensive research is the best way to truly understand what Freemasonry is all about rather than just believing what you may have heard. And the best way to do your research? “Talk to people you know who are Freemasons,” explains Andrew, “they’ll give you the right idea and information about what it’s really about.”