Alex Rocha

Alex Rocha
“Freemasonry is a club of free and moral men, with benevolent actions, that share concerns for human values, respect for the laws of society and rights of individuals.”
“When you join Freemasonry you start a big journey, a symbolic and introspective travel. You open your heart and your mind to a new conception of life, a new reality, that will certainly make you a better man.”

Alex Rocha joined Freemasonry in October 2016 at the Fraternal Lodge in Brighton after a long fascination with the society. Alex was born into a family of Freemasons, a family that he describes as having strong moral values, and who were guided by the examples of two great men: his late grandfather Joao Salomao and his father Moacir Rocha – both Masters of the Grand Orient Lodge of Brazil.

When Alex was still young he found a black briefcase in his father’s wardrobe that piqued his curiosity. When he opened it he saw a number of interesting objects and later questioned his father about them. Moacir patiently explained the details of his Masonic membership to his son, and how he used the objects for ceremonial purposes, but what really marked the moment for young Alex was how his father concluded the lesson: “son, one day you will know that it’s not just the apron, the collar or the degree that makes you a Freemason, but your character and your behavior, inside and outside the temple, the externalization of lights that come from your inner temple”.

Now a proud Mason himself, Alex wishes people would understand the fantastic and instructive allegories the Craft employs that play on ancient mysteries about light overcoming darkness. Alex also stresses that despite the tantalising rumours, Freemasonry doesn’t have any nefarious secrets, that the personal development of members is simply a result of continuous learning, and of finding the right tools to ‘generate one’s own light and spread kindness and love’.