A Visit to Creswick?

  • Creswick Masonic Centre

The Creswick Masonic Centre is a genuine Masonic treasure, renowned for its imposing exterior and its well decorated Lodge meeting room.

Built in 1890, the Centre is the home of Creswick Havilah Lodge No. 26, the Mother Lodge of Sir Alexander Peacock, Victorian Grand Master at the beginning of the 20th century, and a Lodge with a well documented history extending back to the Gold Rush days. It is the only Lodge that meets at the centre.

The small historic township of Creswick in the heart of Victoria's central goldfields, just 16 kms north of Ballarat has been the site of a significant discovery of historic documents and artefacts. The discovery was made under the floorboards of the Masonic Centre in the main street. The Lodge commenced in 1859, with authorisation being received from England for its founding. The building itself was constructed in 1890 by local tradesmen, after previous assemblies were temporarily held at The American Hotel.

In 2018, with a declining and ageing membership, Creswick Havilah Lodge is struggling to retain its charter and to maintain its historic building. To assist the Lodge to survive and to retain this Masonic treasure, Creswick Havilah is now inviting other Lodges to take advantage of its availability and perhaps visit Creswick for a meeting of their Lodge in a purpose-built Gold Rush era Lodge room.

Creswick offers a number of accommodation options including the RACV Goldfields Resort and is an attractive tourism destination in its own right. It is also well situated for visits to Clunes, Daylesford and Ballarat, ensuring that a weekend visit could be filled with activity for all family members.

For more information, please contact Creswick Havilah secretary, Bro. Bob Orr, on 5345 2165 to discuss options for meetings and to plan a visit.

Click HERE to see a virtual tour of Creswick Masonic Centre.