A Night to Remember

At the ‘Annual Ladies in The South' night held by The Francis Ormond-University Lodge No. 171 on Tuesday 12 December 2017 at Oakleigh Masonic Centre, the Lodge Secretary WBro. Sam Lewin and Bro. Darriel Jefferee became stuck in-between floors in the Centre’s lift. Unfortunately, this created much hilarity among the Brethren until we all realised we couldn’t get the lift to go up or down.

There was an intercom in the lift for emergency assistance which Sam utilised and a lift electrician came all the way from the other side of the City (Moonee Ponds) to assist. He arrived an hour later just as we were entering the South after our regular meeting. He was unable help, so the fire brigade had to be called. Twenty minutes later a relieved Sam and Darriel were finally freed from the lift and joined everyone in the South.

This was a night to remember.

Motto: Don’t be lazy – take the stairs next time.

Written by WBro. Harry Adlerstein

WBro. Sam Lewin and Bro. Darriel Jefferee