50 Year Jewel: William Richard Ray

  • 22 February 2019
  • Killwinning Mark Lodge

On Friday 22 February, our esteemed Brother was presented with a 50 year Jewel in recognition of his fifty years since his advancement as a Mark Master Mason at the Killwinning Mark Lodge, 6 February 1969.

A framed certificate and letter from the Grand Master and Grand Lodge was also presented by MWBro. Peter Julier GM who detailed the exceptional Masonic career of Bro. William Richard Ray.

In his presentation the Grand Master called on Bill’s wife, Wilma, to join him. ‘They were as one’ as many details of their journey were shared.

Bro. Bill was born on 29 February 1924 – so this makes him a “Leap Year Baby!” (age 23..next year 24!) In fact, Bill turned 95 one week after the night of his jewel presentation.

Bill met Wilma on Anzac day 1948 and they have lovingly enjoyed 65 years of marriage after Bill had to wait until, back then, Wilma turned twenty-one. They have three loving children, 5 grandchildren and a great grandchild.


Having completed 68 years since his Initiation into the United Elliot Memorial Lodge in January 1951, Bill is looking forward to the next 23 months when he will receive a 70 year jewel. He joined Malvern Waverley in 2012, is also a member of Belgrave Mark. Served as Master of Kilwinning on two occasions and was conferred the high rank of Past Junior Grand Warden in 2015.


Elevated into Box Hill RAM in 1992 and when it closed, joined Kilwinning Royal Ark Mariners.


Exalted in 1962 into Kilwinning HRAC, the Emulation HRAC, then to Northern United. He is now at Billanook with the high rank of Past Grand Jeshua.


Bill has made many friends in his Freemasonry through his membership of different degrees and particularly his involvement in the Mark Masters Association, serving as committee-man for some 31 years and the Association awarded him a Service Rendered Medal.

It was noted that Bill had recently bought a new dinner suit—he was certainly not done with Freemasonry! He has made many long-standing friends who support him. Wally Wing, Alan Bunton, Les Cooper, Jon Han and Ravi Rajan to mention a few who ‘chauffer’ him to the Lodges.

Hearty congratulations Bill on an impressive Masonic career and Wilma for her great support.