In the 1990s we lived in a small country town where we had lovely neighbours with very friendly children. One little girl would regularly visit with walkathons, selling lamingtons or brownies, school raffles- you name it she was selling it for the school. The little girl started to save 5 cent pieces from the money made, so my wife and I began to collect them for her too. Tragically, at the age of 12, the little girl was diagnosed with myeloid leukaemia. The 5 cent pieces continued to be her little ‘task', and I continued to help keep it going.

Unfortunately, the little girl did not make her 16th birthday. I have continued to save the 5 cent pieces and donate them to a children's cancer project every year.

The first time I asked my brothers at Lodge Parallel if they would save along with me, we raised $180 which we donated to the Freemasons Charity Bash. When I joined Gippsland Lodge, I maintained the initiative and continued to encourage Freemasons to keep 5 cent pieces to donate to a worthy cause for cancer each year. Over the past twenty years, Freemasons from Bendigo, Caulfield and other Lodges throughout Gippsland have saved their 5 cent pieces to help support various charities. The money raised has been donated to the Freemasons Motorcycle Club for Cystic Fibrosis, children's cancer and other charities.

Article by WBro. George Entwistle

We challenge all Victorian Freemasons together with their Lodges to join in to help support our communities around Victoria, and you too can be surprised how much you can raise from that little 5 cent piece.
Please help to collect 5 cent pieces, so that they can be collected and given to the Grand Master at the September Quarterly Meeting. The money raised will go towards Think Pink. If every Freemason in Victoria donated $2.00 worth of 5 cent pieces, we could raise nearly $20,000 for Think Pink.